Friday, November 23, 2007

1148. Military blasting cap circuit tester, marked "Test Set Blasting Cap M51, Lot Fac 2-1 Mfg 4/77". More info on it can be found half way down this page.

1149. Scroll saw, the chains are used to change the angle of the missing blade. Text on it reads "Woodcrafter Mfg. Co., Columbus, Ohio, Pat. Jan. 29, 1935". From patent number 1,989,365:
This invention relates to scroll saws...

...and even with very narrow blade necessarily employed in such work it twists making it difficult to operate or causing a rupturing of the blade.

The chief object of the present invention is to provide means whereby torquing pressure to turn the blade is applied sustantially equally to both ends of the blade so as always to maintain the blade in a flat or untwisted condition and thereby overcome the difficulties referred too.

1150. Candle lighter, it's filled with kerosene, which is carried by the cord through the tubing to the small holes.

For more guesses on this one take a look at Neatorama.

1151. Tape tension handle for use with steel measuring tapes, see page 99 in this pdf document.

1152. Arrowsmith Arch. Prop. Adjuster, this was incorrectly marked 'arrow straightener', it was actually used to adjust shoe arches, see Mr. Arrowsmith's patent number 815,897.

Larger image

The two pieces of wood seen below on the base are covered with leather:

Pivoting the handle brings down a similar part from the top:

1153. Hirsch saw set

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1146. Someone posted the answer for these, they're French "beehive-style" artillery time fuzes, circa WWI, the bases were later additions. There is an excellent description of them here.

1105. As seen in the second photo, I found a pot just like the one below, it was marked "Early hot melt glue stove pot".

1104. I was sent a patent for a device very similar to this, it's number 1,332,809, used for holding a horse's leg in position.

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